Woodworking fine art

There is a soul in the tree, which only skillful hands can give shape and color. A tree that has been properly treated does not die, it continues to live in its new form and retains the smell and flexibility of natural wood. Our craftsmen possess the purest secrets of the woodworking art of our ancestors and are able to give a wand any shape. Woodworking is one of the oldest forms of engraving. Our masters are the most perfect way to know the secrets of logging-this is the next stage of wood processing, during which a pattern or a picture is created on the already treated piece of the tree, and in the end just the tree turns into a unique example of chess or backgammon.

14 levels, up to 200 days of creating

Each model goes through at least 14 stages of creation: 14 different masters leave their mark on a piece of wood until it is ready in the exhibition halls of Hrachya Ohanyan, presenting itself to true connoisseurs of wood art in its impeccable form and content.

"Luxe" is not about the price, it’s about the "feeling"

There are heights for which mere flight of thought is not enough. Thus, in the highest performance of the tree involved not only a good imagination, but also boundless talent and ideal natural qualities of the tree. The combination of all this creates the best wood samples of its kind: backgammon, chess, watches, Souvenirs and many other unique samples.